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Thoughts and events of my life so far: #Dachshund

I am now 8 years old, been a lot of places, and done a lot of things. Dad keeps calling me his 20 pounder, but I'm not THAT heavy, and I'm all muscle. I am long though since I'm a Dachshund. On Jan. 11, 2010 I got a new brother. His name is Waylon. Dad says "where there is a Will there is a Way". He thinks he is funny like that. A picture of Waylon, and Waylon and me are on the Blog. We look just a like, but he has shorter ears & a blaze on his head. Now that I'm a BIG brother, life for me has really changed. I love showing Waylon how things are run around here. We both LOVE to go to Biscuit Hill and meet the guests, as well as play in the front yard now that Dad has "Dachshund proofed" it. Our favorite games are chase,hide & seek AND most of all, playing with the water hose!! If you want to meet me and Waylon, you will have to ask to see us because we can't see you without an invitation. By the way I do a lot of GREAT tricks, Waylon not so much. He only knows how to "stand" and I taught him that. He is good at being a copy cat, or copy dog as it were. All my other cat friends have passed away. They just got so old. There is another cat at Biscuit Hill, her name is Pepper, but she doesn't like dogs so we stay clear of each other when I am visiting the B&B.

One Spring Mom & Dad took us out for a romp in the Hill Country Bluebonnets. There is a video link of our outing on both Facebook and our Blog. Or just go to our YouTube account. Our account is BiscuitHillBB if you want to look us up and see all of Mom's videos about Biscuit Hill and the area. I know Mom will be getting more up all the time, so you can see what we are up to. Here is a link to our own scrap book page on SmugMug.

Mom keeps adding to our animal family. Biscuit Hill now has 3 Alpacas for our guests to enjoy. You can see their pictures on Facebook and our Blog. She named them Nougat, Bean, and Choco. I bark at them when I visit Biscuit Hill, but they just stare at me. I think I'm supposed to hunt them, but mom keeps telling me NO!!!! One day I got away from Dad and ran into their pen. I barked, and barked trying to get them to run like the deer do, but they just looked at me and came over to me to get a better look. I guess I'm not as fierce as I think I am. That's all for now, I hope you can come and see me and all my animal friends here at Biscuit Hill. Your friend, Willie Nelson Reed


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